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imagine your otp meeting each other for the first time, at night, in the woods, while both trying to dispose of their freshly killed corpses

If we’re playing a trick on someone let’s use a trickster.


Imagine if Allison came back but she had lost all of her memory and returned as an assassin and tried to take down one of the supernatural creatures for money (what we’ve been seeing all season) and she ends up either killing or injuring one of the main characters and Lydia or Scott recognizes her and can you just imagine like honestly that would be the best plot twist ever


Dylan O’Brien’s arse (booty) appreciation post


So… you’re sure perfection doesn’t exist?

TW Technology ft bby Sterek


Do I Like That in Real Life or Just in Fanfiction: a novel written by me

So today my sister (reaperwithashotgun) shut the back of our car while my head was still under it and now I have a giant welt on my forhead


My series of paintings done for the Doctor Who comics series! (Well, the first three, at least… wink wink.) They are the covers of the #1 issues for each respective Doctor - Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth. It’s the first time I’ve released the artwork without the titles and whatnot - this was a MAJOR project for me this year, started all the way back in 2013 - I’m proud and honored to be so deeply involved with an official project like this. Here’s to more covers and Doctor Who in the future!


My mom said I looked like death warmed over, and I am in fact death warmed over because I died last night of OTP cuteness, and I am now a zombie.

Teen wolf + Text Posts (a bit sterek)